Hayete: a budget-friendly guesthouse in Achrafieh

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I think it’s just a matter of time before other affordable guest houses open in Beirut and its suburbs. What Lebanon lacks as well are B&Bs (Bed & Breakfast) in the mountains or seaside towns.

Budget-minded travelers who also enjoy a bit of style are usually out of luck when it comes to accommodations. Budget-friendly options generally consist of hostels, folksy guesthouses, smarmy bed & breakfasts and budget hotel chains – all honorable and fine, but only rarely stylish.

There are very few super stylish rooms in in-demand cities with rates in the $100 per night territory. Boutique and art hotels charge several times this amount in most buzzing cities. Budget hunters usually have to rely on the occasional off-season rate dip to enjoy anything approaching boutique style.

Hayete has just four rooms. Two, with shared bathrooms, run $105 per night for a double (or $75 for single occupancy.) Two en suite rooms start at $125 (or $95 for a single). The rate includes breakfast, tax, coffee and tea from a shared bar, Wi-Fi and use of a communal refrigerator. [Link]

2 thoughts on “Hayete: a budget-friendly guesthouse in Achrafieh

  1. maya

    Najib,from my experience Leb turned out to be more expensive than Europe ,imagiiine,at least they have varieties overseas but here nooo,mostly they are expensive places ,high rate rents and bad quality ,yess we do need more of B2Bs or Dunkins or any other kind that can really import ,but they’re not importing the affordable names only the expensive


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