He killed his friend then walked in his funeral

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When I first heard about Roland Chbeir’s murder, I thought it was some robbery gone wrong, or someone settling personal issues with Roland, but the last thing that came to my mind was that his best friend shot him. The worst part is that Charbel Shallita, who confessed to murdering Roland, walked in his funeral and sat next to Chbeir’s family.

The only good thing out of this story is that the ISF were able to find the killer before he committed other crimes, since he had taken money from many of his friends according to LBC’s report.

4 thoughts on “He killed his friend then walked in his funeral

  1. HaDy

    What a sick individual…On the other hand, had he not attended, it would’ve looked suspicious.

    In any case, RIP to the victim Roland Chbeir.

  2. maya

    These incidents are happening very frequently,people are getting poorer and are commiting crimes for money,I’m not saying just because they’re poor they should commit crimes,but in other countries ,poor people live on wellfare ,they don’t have those priviliges in Lebanon,but that of course is not an excuse to commit murder,but I’m only observing these things as frequently as they can get in Lebanon


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