Huge land near Harissa sold to Saudi Prince

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Update: Anthony just informed me that the land that got sold is not actually the one displayed but rather to the side in a town called Dlebta which lies very close to Harissa. Regardless the location, this land is very precious in its biodiversity and its flora and fauna. Thank you Anthony!

The above picture has been circulating today via emails and on Facebook, showing the huge piece of land that a Saudi Prince bought in the village of Dlebta near Harissa. I am not against selling lands to Arabs or foreigner investors but there should be a quota and restrictions. You can’t just sell a whole mountain like that.

Does anyone have any idea to whom this piece of land belongs? Such massive lands usually belong to the Church.

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  1. Lebanese Duder

    Sorry Najib I have to disagree with because I am Firmly OPPOSED to selling land to foreign investors especially when WE are not allowed to own estate in their countries, and before someone bashes me I say this because I am still recognized as an alien/expat in the gulf country I reside in despite both my grandfathers residing in this country since the 1950’s!!! let alone the undermining of our sovereignty,
    simply appalling

    1. Najib Post author

      We can’t behave like others do. It’s wrong not to allow foreigners to buy lands but under strict conditions and given a certain quota say 1%

      1. Lebanese Duder

        Yes Najib, but as I mentioned above NOT to citizens of countries which deny Lebanese nationals the right to own estate,plus what you said about stricter rules but this ain’t gonna happen cause weve got:1corrupt politicians 2ignorant populace

  2. M.

    There is a restriction for foreign ownership which is a total of 3,000 Sqm of land and built up area. E.g, a Saudi individual can own in his own name up to 6 apartments with an area of 500sqm each. The more important question, is which official in Lebanon bent this rule and allowed the Saudi prince to buy this land with this size!! How much commission did he get!!

    1. Karim


      unfortunately: Pdt. Sleiman, Premier Mikati and Min. Safadi…

      I would like to buy land in the Gulf… with the same legal protection the lucky Saudi got the land in one of the best spots in Lebanon… and would love to have the support of our politicians for that…

      1. Ribal Abi Raad

        Oh god… I’m guessing no one is understanding anything right?? The post made on facebook, is a “SARCASTIC” Post, of how foreigners are buying lands and apartments in lebanon. Granted that’s wrong, but this specific land was not sold to anyone or anything to that matter. The land everyone is debating about still belongs to Lebanon. The post on facebook was only meant to raise awareness about the recent (When I say recent, I mean what has been going on for a couple of years now) wave of Rich Arabs buying real estate and pieces of Land across Lebanon. What’s even worse is people blaming governments. It’s not this or any government’s fault. It’s greedy Lebanese owners who are selling their lands for a quick buck. Hope all is cleared.

  3. Anthony

    Najib, the land that got sold is not actually the one displayed but rather to the side in a town called Dlebta which lies very close to Harissa. Regardless the location, this land is very precious in its biodiversity and its flora and fauna. The trees there have been there for over a thousand years and it is the reason that Jounieh is a breathtaking places. I am FOR restrictions on land sales to foreigners and AGAINST the selling of precious lands like this. Knowing these khaleejis, they’ll build some tacky village at the expense of our precious nature.

  4. Rob

    yes we should be a LITTLE bit racists when it comes to selling lands
    there should be restrictions, we cant sell our land to foreigners, and let them build expensive apartments or resorts which the majority of the people cant afford them on OUR land!
    second they are buying them and not doing investments for + 5 years, if they dont we should get them back the law is VERY clear and they know that VERY well
    and our dear government is not getting them back

  5. Chris_tell

    That’s really sad!!
    We’re becoming Saudi slaves for life!
    What is wrong with lebanese? Why are they selling their souls to them!???

  6. Desmond Bey

    Lebanese Duder has it right – apply the same laws to them as they apply in their countries to us.

    Having said that, whatever restrictions are in place to prevent foreigners owning too much land are easily defeated by paying someone to register it in their name or other equally simple measures.

  7. lila

    As Booutros Harb proposed a year ago ,there should be a law forbidding selling lands to different religions and to foreigners ,you’re paying it forward from now

  8. Dumbo

    The land was bought by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as a retreat.

    I think we can close an eye and let that one pass, no?

  9. Ali Sleeq

    Unfortunately sometimes money is more important than morality.

    Everyone has a price. Who sold it thought “I’m sure getting a few million are better than to have a huge land that’s just laying there”.

    1. Lebanese Duder

      Judging from your name Salem I assume your a gulf citizen, that said, no one said anything racist here. I want you to explain to me why I,m not allowed to own land in the gulf country I live in, was born in and whose father and grandfather both died in. It’s only fair to treat people equally(P.S. I should be a naturalised citizen as both paternal and maternal Grandfathers in country since 50’s)

  10. hank

    This is part of the big plan to demolish Christianity in Lebanon and the middle east. holy site like harissa should be controled by the lebanese government not a saudi citizen


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