I love Bonjus

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I went to get a chocolate from a nearby supermarket when i spotted Bonjus haram (Pyramid-shaped). It’s been so long since i had one of those, so i got myself half a dozen (Orange ones) with two UNICA bars. They still taste as good as ever.

7 thoughts on “I love Bonjus

  1. Sara

    Dear Nejib,
    The blogsphere, the Lebanese blogsfere is so small so please read it all before you post, you are repeating others post
    I don’t want that to offend you but i enjoy reading your blog when you have something new and not a copy cat

  2. Najib Post author

    Dear Sara,
    Its Najib not Nejib first.

    As you probably know or maybe dont, this blog has been around for 2 months maybe a bit more, and we are adding new Lebanese blogs every now and then that we havent discovered yet.

    Nonetheless, i dont see why you were so annoyed by this bonjus post. Am i not allowed to like bonjus if another blogger does?

    Should i check all 100+ blogs for any post about Bonjus before i post about it?

    Some stuff we post here were posted earlier and readers pointed that out and we thanked them for it and added the blog in question.

    Having said all that, i havent found any post on bonjus done by Lebanese bloggers except some weird bag designed to look like a bonjus by a certain sarah.

    Is that you?

  3. Najib Post author

    Oh and i found another post made in March 2010 by 961 Lebanon. How could i not check every blog’s history before posting about Bonjus !!!!

    ya 3ayb el shoum 3laye ..

  4. Jad

    Ma bada hal2ad nejib, ella thank you for your opinion w it’s okay to have similar thoughts as others.

    Ma darure ten2eher w te2leba shakshiye khsuse enak sa7eb l blog


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