I think we really pissed off Bahrain

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Yep, dem Bahrainis are pretty pissed off at us Lebos…

First: They cancelled all direct flights
Second: They are denying entrance to all Lebanese Nationals
Third: The Bahraini government advised all its citizens to leave Lebanon
And fourth: They cut off all telecommunication ties! (I just found this out!)

You can’t call Bahrain from Lebanon, and vice versa

Yep… dem Bahrainis are pretty pissed off

13 thoughts on “I think we really pissed off Bahrain

  1. Joe

    damn politics!
    its a shame for all this to happen!
    btw i read the other day that Jordan is denying entrance to Lebanese, does anyone know if that is true?

  2. Devin

    Very sad, most Lebanese are not happy…I am not with any political party but this what happens when Foreign Policy is not handled by the state…May things gets better…

  3. Chahe

    Well at first I was getting the message “Unobtainable” on my BB. I tried a couple of hours later, it actually rang, I spoke 1 minute and it cut again. After that I’ve been getting the regular MTC Touch song “Inna rakmou mtc touch el matloub gheyr blablabla”

    Yeah, one of my best friends is Bahraini. Nice people

  4. Mariam

    Well its all politics. Its a shame people take our their crap on us.. If we do it right we’re screwed. We do it wrong we’re screwed. W ma hada bi3if 3ana. We should cut ties with all nations 3a hal haleh.

  5. Mark H

    Not only Bahrain

    3 friends, and myself got Visa rejection for internship in Abudhabi and Dubai

    Stupid foreign policy


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