iPhone5 priced at around 1300$ in lebanon

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I’ve asked 4 mobile stores already and they all gave me prices between 1200$ and 1350$. I also saw a price close to 1300$ on the internet. Added to that, the Nano SIM won’t be an issue as they’ve figured out a way to turn the micro SIM into a Nano SIM.

Is it worth it? Definitely not! It’s almost 500$ more expensive than its original price outside.

24 thoughts on “iPhone5 priced at around 1300$ in lebanon

  1. tofsroma

    … and you are just changing the case, because ios6 is the revolution. and we already have it in hands!
    so who holds an iPhone 5 is purely a Lebanese PAPAZZI 🙂

  2. Dalia

    Here in Sweden the price is around 700-800$ if u pay for it monthy for 2 years. Otherwise it costs little more if u pay cash all in once

      1. Georg Dreyman

        oh Yeahh you’re right IT IS THE NEWW iPhone even if it costs 5 quids to make, I’ll buy it for a 1000$ without a doubt cause that phone gonna make me feel cool and rich.

        Believe me smart Tomp, I know what I’m talking about.

  3. Rana

    I got it with contract for 200 swiss francs / 200 $ , The design is beautiful, it really looks nicer than the Iphone 4S, it is faster but otherwise it’s the same, i only got it, because my contract ended last week…but i am still using my Iphone 4S it’s still brand new and i don’t see a lot of difference…i love apple products but i would not have bought the Iphone 5 without an offer…

  4. mimo

    Ya 7eblen l iphone 4s w 5 w6 kilon mitel ba3ed bas mtawlin kil wahad min eltene 1cm makenkon ans bishtre samsung b/c i love samsung

    1. marc

      Ya 7eble wa7dik, lech sar fi iphone 6 o.O
      Iphone is so overrated, it’s a good product though, i prefer to buy it when the price is reasonable even if it’s not cool to have it old ….
      My Iphone 2g rocks 😛 and it has ios 5 😉

  5. John

    update on the price its around 700-750$ now, w its apple so it will be more expensive then other brands like always.
    If you have iphone 4s, its not much of upgrade, but it quiet nice phone it’s thinner, lighter and better hardware.
    Overall phone is rly elegant.


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