Is the new iPad worth it?

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If you don’t have an iPad = Yes
If you have the iPad 1 = Yes
If you have the iPad 2 = Depends

I got the new iPad last week and compared to the iPad 1 I was replacing it’s a world of a difference. The new iPad is a lot faster than the original iPad and the increase in memory is obvious while browsing the web with multiple tabs open or running multiple apps. Of course though the biggest difference everyone is talking about is the new retina display which I have to admit is ridiculously good. I didn’t think anything was wrong with my old iPad screen until I got the new iPad and now I can’t go abck. It’s really a big difference and one that’s easily noticeable right from the minute you turn the iPad on for the first time.

If you have an iPad 1 and actually use it then getting the new iPad is a no brainer. On the other hand if you have the iPad 2 the only difference you’ll notice is the new screen and as long as you don’t experience it in person then you don’t really need to get the new iPad. Just make sure you don’t see the new screen.

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    well the critics are saying that there’s an overheating problem when you’re playing games.. can you confirm? i mean critics blow up every teeny tiny issue, so i guess normal user reviews are better..
    their other issue also was that it is heavier and thicker than ipad 2… is it annoying?

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    One disgruntled customer said they were returning theirs after it reached temperatures of 47c (117f) following only ten minutes of use.

    Dutch technology website Tweakers said the new iPad, which went on sale last Friday, was 5c hotter than its predecessor when running.

    Customers have complained that the gadget is ‘too hot to hold’, particularly when playing games, prompting a spokesman for the U.S. watchdog Consumer Reports to announce it was conducting its own ‘scientific analysis with thermal imaging’.

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