Jacky Chamoun Is Hot And She Knows It!

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Jacky Chamoun is a Lebanese Alpine Skier and is currently representing Lebanon at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. She happens to be very sexy as well and posed last year topless for a ski-theme calendar taken by six-time Mexican Olympic skier Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe.

For some reasons, the news just got to the Lebanese Media, even though it’s been out for at least 10 days and it is even mentioned on Jacky’s profile on the Sochi 2014 website.

There’s a video of her photo session being shared online but I won’t bother share it. She’s representing Lebanon, she’s hot and free to do whatever she likes so Good Luck to you Jacky!

6 thoughts on “Jacky Chamoun Is Hot And She Knows It!

    1. Rami

      Here’s another one: “I would swim through piranha infested waters with 45 pound dumbbells tied to my scrotum using the breeze of karantina’s slaughterhouse as my only air supply just to shake the hand of the janitor who works for a man who sniffed the chair she farted on three years ago”

  1. eddy

    I saw that Jackie – on her Facebook page – asked ” to stop spreading it”…
    Wouldn’t it be more respectful to her to re-editing the blogs and website and remove the photos and links ?
    I know the link is spread but why make it so easy for the bad-mouths out there.
    Just saying…if we really want to support her.


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