Jennifer Chedid back to school!

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Picture shared by MP Nadim Gemayel

Jennifer Chedid is a 10-year old girl who was severely wounded during Achrafieh’s bombing a month ago. She was rushed to the hospital and her condition was critical but the brave young girl refused to die, fought back and recovered. Today Jenny is doing well and back to school with her friends.

3 thoughts on “Jennifer Chedid back to school!

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    From our” 3tuna el toufoili , 3tuna el salam” more than 25 years ago till this day nothing has changed in this country!
    Alla yehmiya w ykoun ma3a

  2. M

    That’s great news! so glad she has recovered. The idea of kids getting hurt is so painful.

    I have a thought that I just cant seem to understand in our beloved country Lebanon, but when you read the following, keep the politics aside and just think from a humanitarian angle:

    The bombing in achrafieh was mediatized a lot and still is, and especially the story of Jennifer, and the whole civil society and NGOs moved in an amazing way to help them! I dont remember similar initiatives taking place before.

    On MTV’s news segment, they make from time to time few reports about the syrian refugees, which count by now around or more than 200,000, and this number includes surely thousands of kids.

    We are approaching to winter, and these people and kids are living in terrible conditions and mainly with not a lot of clothes and no appropriate heating.

    I did not see the civil society move the same way or taking similar initiatives to help them or making similar donations?! Why? because they are syrians? where are those NGOs and people who appeared from the nothing and started collecting food, clothes and other items? Why dont they do the same for those refugees?

    Angelina Jolie herself came to Lebanon asking the help of our people.

    Can someone explain to me how this doesnt make of our people a racist one? the issue that happened in MEA got a lot of attention amd this doesnt?!


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