Jennifer Lopez raises the Lebanese flag during her Dubai Concert

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Picture by Carmen Chammas

Jennifer Lopez surprised her fans today by holding the Lebanese flag at her Dubai Concert in celebration of Lebanon’s Independence day. I don’t know why she would do such a thing but it’s pretty cool of her, at least for the Lebanese watching the show.

Picture from Tinia Nassif taken from Gino’s Blog

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17 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez raises the Lebanese flag during her Dubai Concert

  1. Pascale

    Probably due to her infatuation with Zuhair Murad. Zuhair designed every one of her outfits for her world summer tour!!!

  2. Karim

    for sure she doesn’t give a shit. it’s most probably cause the promoters or organizers are Lebanese & made her do it to acquire more fans!

  3. Desmond Bey

    Karim’s right. Whatever the reason, it has nothing to do with her personal feelings just a cynical marketing ploy.

  4. anonymous

    its funny you guys would think she did it for lebanon’s independence day! everyone at the concert thought she mistaked it for an Emirati flag!!!! I even spoke to a reporter from Yahoo right after and he thought the same thing!

  5. maha

    She’s a performer, so marketing is part of her job description. But at least for once el khabarieh is a positive one for Lebanon, not something like she held the israeli flag masalan!

    So all in all its mighty cool 🙂

  6. rampurple

    she got the flag from someone in the audience who was in the golden circle. a lot of singers do that. Us lebanese just like to share the picture la neflo2 el 3alam

  7. Fadi

    Jennifer is very familiar with Lebanese people as Z. Murad designed many of her outfits and she has hired him to design them for her national tour. Lebanese people in Dubai keep the night life alive and our influence in world entertainment world far surpasses any other middle eastern country’s influence.
    Give yourselves some credit..


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