2 thoughts on “Jounieh bay (Past vs. Present)

  1. Rony Fakih

    Najib, it’s been years since I left Lebanon 20 to be exact. I’m coming back summer June 1st. But anyway I wanted to know looking at these pictures got me thinking.how are the beaches in leb now a days?

    1. Najib Post author

      Hi Rony,
      Well looking at the Jounieh bay does not tell you much about the beaches as there are barely any good ones in the picture.

      Unless you are renting a chalet in some beach resort (such as Aqua2), there r lots of places to go, mainly in Jiyyeh & Rmeileh towards the South (Oceana, Bamboo bay, Orchid, O cap, Pangea etc ..)

      There are some nice resorts in Keserwan but I honestly don’t like their beaches as they r next to the Zouk power plants. If you don’t mind a pool, there’s Rimal, Samaya, Cyan, Portemilio, Senses, Mocean. (Some may require invitations though).

      Towards Jbeil, there’s Edde sands, a beautiful resort.

      Towards Batroun, there are many resorts as well such as San Stefano and Bonita Bay.


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