Ketermaya Residents kill murder suspect

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Update: I got the picture of the guy but it’s a very ugly site. I won’t post it.

I just read this on naharnet and nowlebanon as well.

Walaw ? What were the security forces doing there ? Observing the man die ?

I understand the residents’ frustration and desire for vengeance but this is barbaric and unjustifiable.

Ketermaya is a village situated in South Lebanon.

Residents of the southern Lebanese village of Ktirmaya on Thursday killed the murder suspect of two grandparents and their two young grandchildren. It said Mosallam was rushed to hospital by police after angry residents cruelly beat him up.
But the locals chased the killer to Siblin hospital, dragged him out after stripping him of his clothing, tied a metal wire around his neck and hung him on a pole in the town’s squared.

9 thoughts on “Ketermaya Residents kill murder suspect

  1. LebExile

    This is barbaric, but somehow also a fair punishment for such a vicious crime.
    I am a little conflicted in my feelings towards how the townsfolk have reacted in this instance.

    1. the Egyptian got what he deserved
    2. there is little doubt the guy was guilty – he reenacted the crime

    On the other hand,

    1. do we really want to go back to the day where justice is dished out at the tribal level – ie, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
    2. is this setting a precedent for other crimes, where the victims take the law into their own hands.
    3. where will it end – two years from now, will we be reading about soneone getting shot for stealing an apple???

    Clearly, you cant have people taking the law into their own hands, the security forces should have prevented this, and additionally, those involved should be charged with murder themselves, however, my first reaction on reading the article was bravo – the world can do with one less psycopathic killer!!

    Is it just me, or does anyone else suspect that the lynch mob was hizbollah sending a message to the Egyptian govt regarding the cell that was recently jailed in Egypt???

  2. LebExile

    PS Note to Najib – in your update above – am curious – were you referring to the picture being an ugly sight – or the website the picture was at being an ugly site?

  3. Nat

    He was referring to the picture being an ugly sight. Yes you’re right one less psycopathic killer is probably a good thing but even if the guy was guilty, and committed the worse crimes, there’s no justification for the heinous acts that were committed. If they just wanted him dead, a gunshot to the head would have done the trick. What they did doesn’t make them better than the criminal himself and they should be tried for it. We live in a civilized society and such acts should not go unpunished or else people would start taking justice matters into their own hands and acting upon it as they would see fit = Total Chaos

  4. Najib Post author

    The funny part is that a member of the parliament tried to justify the people’s heinous actions saying the criminal should not have been brought back to react the crime.

    The worrying part is that the whole town was armed and prepared and by armed i mean AK47s and all sort of hand guns and machine guns, yet the police did not stop any.

  5. Danielle

    Nat – we obviously don’t live in a civilized society, and the crime committed by this man was egregious enough to unleash the town people’s barbaric tendencies…

    And what type of village/town is this anyway..where everyone is armed with AK47’s? You call that civilized or normal?

    It’s one of those situations where there is no right answer. Were the townspeople justified in doing what they did? Should the murderer have been allowed to live his life, even in solitary confinement, after taking the lives of four others?

    I don’t know what I think…the whole thing just reeks of pestilence.

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