Kim Kardashian Opening Millions of Milkshakes in Kuwait & Bahrain

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Kim Kardashian launched in the past few days two new branches of Millions of Milkshakes in Kuwait and Bahrain. I was checking the video Mark posted and it was funny to see how people reacted to Kim arriving at Millions of Milkshakes. It’s like everyone went crazy and the same thing happened in Bahrain too.

I would love to see how Lebanese would react to Kim Kardashian’s visit if Millions of Milkshakes ever opens in Lebanon. I don’t expect it to be any different from what I saw in the videos below.

Video taken by Mark at the Kuwait opening

Updated: Video from Kuwait & Bahrain Openings

6 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Opening Millions of Milkshakes in Kuwait & Bahrain

  1. LeLa

    in the first picture she does look rather uncomfortable with this guy putting his arm around her waist…

    who would kuweitis get as an advertisement persona for their milkshake stores… marie curie?? it should be some one hot.. and whose milkshake “brings the boys in the yard”
    lighten up.. 😉

  2. Fadi

    If she actually lived in these two countries.. she would be ostracized and publicly shamed for having a sex tape…
    But because the USA believes freedoms for all.. she becomes a celerity.. the land of opportunity !

  3. Ahmad

    Yaaaaaayyy, let’s all cheer for this dumb, talentless, slut because we could never achieve something as great as she did.


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