Kuwait leads Lebanon in freedom of the press

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I always thought Lebanon would be ahead of other Arab countries in terms of freedoms, but according to this report, Kuwait is ahead of us in terms of freedom of press.

Here’s a list of the top 20 countries, as compiled by Mark from 248am.com:

1- Kuwait (78)
2- ****** (92)
3- Lebanon (93)
4- UAE (112)
5- Qatar (114)
6- Oman (117)
7- Algeria (112)
8- Jordan (128)
9- Tunis (134)
10- Morocco (138)
11- Iraq (152)
12- Palestine (153)
13- Libya (154)
14- Saudi Arabia (158)
15- Egypt (166)
16- Sudan (170)
17- Yemen (171)
18- Bahrain (173)
19- Iran (175)
20- Syria (176)

PS: In order to stay safe and not be labeled as a Zionist, or accused of attending their meetings, I censored Country #2.

9 thoughts on “Kuwait leads Lebanon in freedom of the press

  1. Johnny

    this list is for arab countries only? anyway why Israel and Iran are the only non-arab countries mentioned in this report. if they are talking about ME countries, why they do not mention Turkey too for example. I think this report is a biased report and lacks of credibility.

    1. Alex

      Turkey is usually considered as a European country in reports.
      This list was extracted by Mark from the larger report in the PDF, so I assume he just picked the countries which are usually considered as part of northern Africa and ME.

  2. Ali Sleeq

    The number on the right of the country name is their respective ranking worldwide.

    And freedom of press not only is aboyt what you write but also a out how much government interference involved in the writing of the newspaper.

    I live in Kuwait and the papers are pretty much free except for a few rules.

    And LOL about censoring Israel hehe.

  3. Mariam

    Its also interesting how Israel and Lebanon are not far behind from each other. There’s a logic in my mind about that but explaining might not make sense lol.


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