La Creperie Jounieh still open

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I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to ask my good friend Malek about la Creperie. After all, it’s his family that owns the place. Nevertheless, he messaged me yesterday and left a comment here that La Creperie is neither closing nor getting sold.

Here’s what he said:

This is not true. it is not being sold or closed. it will get renovated and it will not get sold by leaving its unique authentic cusinese

please update this news. I am the owner of La creperie

Malek el khazen

Rumors are wrong then. That’s good to hear.

9 thoughts on “La Creperie Jounieh still open

  1. C.Fady el Khazen

    La Creperie is already 44 years old,and always crowded And running better and better from year to year
    It is a full serve restaurant not only crepes the food which is french and mediterrannen is exellent.
    After 44 years we found that a renovation and updating is require to serve and please better our customers

  2. mariam kfoury

    great place. Been going there since it opened.
    Quality of waiters regressed lately.
    I hope they remedy that.
    It is as important to do this than to renovate.

  3. Rony

    I was actually there on friday and asked the waiter about the rumors and he confirmed saying the place will be renovated, and he looked very emotional when i asked him what’s gonna happen to his job and he said i am going home.

  4. Ronman

    Been a customer there since i’ve been a baby that’s 30 years now, and consider myself one of their biggest fans. it has seen a couple of dips in their service and quality, but they always usually listen to their customer’s and take criticism really well.

    I remember the last renovation was done in the 90s, made the place look really nice, but it has aged since…

    If anything they should reopen the bar/club underneath… that place has the coolest view, better than all the roof top places put together.


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