La Creperie Jounieh set to close?

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According to Gino’s, La Creperie restaurant is set to close its doors in few days time as it was purchased by wealthy investors who will be revamping the place before re-opening it in the spring of 2012. [Link]

For all those who don’t know La Creperie or haven’t been there yet, it’s one of the most beautiful and authentic restaurants in Lebanon and is located on top of a cliff offering a breathtaking view of Jounieh’s gulf.

I will try to go there one last time as it’s been a long while and have one last taste of their great Crepes.

You can check out pictures of La Creperie [Here].

6 thoughts on “La Creperie Jounieh set to close?

  1. Malek el khazen

    this is not true. it is not being sold or closed. it will get renovated and it will not get sold by leaving its unique authentic cusinese

    please update this news. I am the owner of La creperie

    Malek el khazen

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  3. Rami


    Well I was researching about La Creperie and was wondering if the renovations were done and whether the restaurant is still open or was actually closed/sold. I tried going there on several occasions with my wife but unfortunately found the place closed. Nevertheless, as stated above the restaurant was to be relaunched in spring 2012, however, I went there 3 times during summer 2012 to find the place closed (maybe i was unlucky). Kindly update us about the status of the place knowing it would be unfortunate to find out that such a beautiful place was closed for materialistic purposes as lately most beautiful places and which represent old Lebanese heritage are being sold to third parties for greedy and typical shallow purposes…

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Aly

      Iam trying to find the resturant la creperie
      Through a whole year and I can’t find it
      So I want to know where is it or if it is closed


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