24 thoughts on “Last update on the Itunes Apps

  1. Ziad D.

    No disrespect to Mariam’s comment is intended, but I am glad Najib is doing this, as it will shed light on the violation of privacy that is taking place using this application.

  2. Michele

    Actually Nagib phone directory is still working coz I have it. I admit that I use it when I get phone calls or missed calls from numbers I don’t know, so I know my caller’s ID. There’s no privacy violation at least for that apps as for the other one, I don’t have it n not even interested in having it.

  3. Najib Post author

    There is nothing negative about this. This is a serious breach of privacy and cannot stay that way. Imagine guys stalking you based on your plate number or name and intimidating you and there’s nothing to do about it.

  4. Najib Post author

    You should not be allowed to know whose number this is unless the person gave the company (Alfa or MTC) the permission to display his info.

  5. Michele

    N’importe quoi!
    At least i can screen my calls n call back who ever I want.
    The fact they called me, that means that they wanted to get in touch with me.

  6. Najib Post author

    Walaw ya Michelle?
    The simple fact that they are capable of calling is because they can get your number that easily, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

    You go to prison for such things in civilized countries. In fact, you get jailed for smsing someone some ad without his permission.

  7. Michele

    If u want someone’s number whether this person likes it or not, u can always get it, u won’t even need that apps.
    I use mine just to screen the callers, I don’t abuse it!

  8. Johnny.B

    You can’t abuse it, even if you intended to! coz u just put the number and it will show the name, and not the way around. the other app the one that you put the name, is not working well it’s not precise.

    As for the car plate, most people have it on “access file”, this is just a different version.

    I’m happy with this app, just for the same reason Michele is using it, I can find out who tried to call me, and get back to them, or not.

  9. Mariam

    @Ziad and Najib: I don’t mean its okay for these apps to exist.. I’m just saying we should give it time. We have a corrupt system and whomever is trying to get rid of these apps might need time is all. We need to be positive about the situation. One thing is down and hopefully the next one soon.

  10. Gianni

    Am I missing something? In USA we have a call display system that shows the name and the number of the caller. What’s the big deal here? What freaking privacy issue? You can screen your calls better this way. Michelle you rock girl!

  11. Najib Post author

    I already stated that you either allow people to see your number or not, once you register for it. Am sure this is also the case for the US.

    But this is not the issue here as you guys are missing out on what this app is about. It does not give you the name of the person but also his home and mailing address as well as a lot of personal information about him.

  12. Gianni

    Also Najib you can find out what any guys address is by simple reverse look up in USA unless your number is unlisted. To top it I can also find out who your neighbours are as well. Capische?


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