LAU Teacher Rachid El-Daif Replies to the Rape Allegations

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The teacher answered Alexandra in 3 languages and he’s suing her for libel and defamation.

Alexandra Shreiteh’s False Rape Accusations
• Alexandra has published her fabricated allegations against me on facebook and other sites on the internet. Kindly see below my response:
• Since I was certain of Alexandra’s academic and creative capabilities, I gave her a great deal of time and supervised three of her novels: 2 in Arabic and one in English. My motto was to work with talented beginners and help them produce their own works of fiction.
• I was the one who encouraged her to pursue her studies and I wrote her a letter of recommendation to Yale University which is still in my possession. I do not understand how one encourages a person to study abroad, and controls and confines this same person at the same time.
• She sent me the paper she had prepared for a conference in Switzerland (April 2012) and we discussed it at length on Skype.
• This woman used to call me every day over the period of 4 years, yes every single day to talk about her problems. I used to help her to the best of my abilities. She used to call me daily from America (and Germany) to ask questions or talk about her problems. This went on for four years, summer and winter, day and night. I always thought this was a passing phase related to growing up that will soon subside. I was sincerely happy to think that she would excel in her work and that I would be one of those who contributed to her success especially after she had written her three novels.
• She told me that she was having a relation with a woman and asked my opinion of this. My answer was: You are free to realize yourself the way you think fit.
• She told me several times on the phone after a few months of her relation that her companion is so possessive and is almost suffocating her and that she does not know how to free herself of her.
• She also used to tell me of her relations with men and women (I still remember the names and nationalities). She considered me as her confidante and her counselor.
• I wonder what has happened and why she is lying. Why is she falsifying the truth? Why has she showered all terms related to rape on me (she is Lebanon’s champion in Tai Boxing)? I have a documented answer to be published at the right time.
• I am sorry that it has come to this. Alexandra is in trouble, but her harassment has become unbearable. I have so far refrained from responding to her accusations because I am sorry for her parents and would have liked to spare them. I so much wanted to meet them but she refused to introduce me as she hated them to the death. She also alleged certain things about her father that is improper for me to mention now.
• I have asked a lawyer to raise a case against her for libel and defamation because certain innocent people may believe her allegations especially that she pretends to be a lamb in the claws of a wild animal.
• I still have all the electronic messages that she sent me over the four-year period and will publish them in due time whenever the need arises.
• Finally, there are a large number of documents, letters, photographs in my possession that can also be published if needed.

20 thoughts on “LAU Teacher Rachid El-Daif Replies to the Rape Allegations

  1. Sonya

    I just want to ask you why did you not stop her harassment so many years ago, why did you leave it 4 years before you even tried to cut ties … I am not putting the finger at anyone here, but I think hat it takes 2 to tango … I dont believe the rape allegations but I am not convinced that it is all too innocent …

  2. Elie

    Despite of that your reply looks logical and rational in some points; however, nothing can justify such a type of relationship between you and YOUR STUDENT! Four years and she’s calling you everyday? Seriously?! and you want to tell us that was INNOCENT?! A girl who is sharing all of her secrets with you and you want to convince us that you were just a “daddy” to her?!
    I don’t think that it’s an easy thing for a girl to confess being raped in our society! And as I can see she’s a very clever and successful girl! Why would she lie or accuse you?! How do you justify throwing you out of LAU at the beginning of this year? Finally, I don’t think that she would have accused you if she hasn’t had evidences!
    I, honestly, take her side and I don’t believe you especially that your message carries threats that you will reveal her secrets and you have already started by saying that she’s in a relation with another woman!!!

  3. elie

    Well since he holds a lot of documents and he knows that much about her, isn’t that fishy enough?

    why would your professor listen to your problems if he wasn’t interested in you? and why his respond will be well organized as if he holds all those documents ready to expose, as if he was threatening her with them.

    I don’t know maybe the girl have a wild imagination and is using it for a new novel or something but the case should be looked into for justice sake.

  4. Hiba

    I’m sorry, but what what on earth is this?

    How do any of the above constitute a denial or defense of rape allegations?

    You do realize that all this professor does in the above ‘defense’ is slut-shame this girl, make her out as a sexual deviant, and expose his own inappropriate relationship with her. How on earth does something along the lines of ‘I helped her, was her mentor, knew of her sexual activity for 4 years, and she hates her parents’ constitute ‘Her rape allegations are false?’.

    In fact, what it does demonstrate is an enormous amount of power and influence over this girl. And, like it or not, most cases of molestation and rape that do occur have to do with a personally-close abusive figure, and a lot of them continue due to Stockholm Syndrome.

    Or does helping and mentoring her mean that she owes sexual favors or that she consented to or wanted sexual activity? No. Then why mention it? Does her sexual openness mean that she cannot be taken advantage of or cannot be raped? No. Then why mention it?

    A denial of rape does not involve talking shit about a person. All it takes is ‘She consented and here is the evidence’ or ‘The events never took place at all and here is the evidence’, but in the entire rambling message above, this professor did not once say say that she consented or that there was no sexual activity between them to begin with.

    Or is this a country where a woman who is open with her sexuality is automatically demonized and discredited?

  5. rick

    I remember all their names and all their nationalities… Clear sign of mania and obsession… If a psychological evaluation is conducted on this letter, this man will be committed immediately!

  6. rick

    But what if she made up the whole story??? Four years locked in his house… while:
    1- traveling all over the world
    2- attending classes
    3- publishing books
    4- getting interviews from here and there?

    There’s more to this story I am sure. Maybe they did have a relationship but at one point something happened that “angered her”? He wouldn’t admit that as he’d justify his firing from LAU as he had a relationship with a student and such a relationship, while not illegal, are generally frowned upon!

  7. Tonya

    Just for the info:
    The girl has a Facebook page that anyone can access and her profile pic shows her with her girlfriend Nitsan.

    The girlfriend is Israeli and they have a co-written blog called Fil-Mishmish. Here is what you can read about her in the About section of the blog:

    “(…) We are two women from Israel and Lebanon living in the United States.(…)

    Alexandra Chreiteh was born in Moscow and grew up in the southern Lebanese city of Saida. She studied in Beirut and then moved to America to pursue a PhD in Comparative Literature at Yale University. After years of scholarly wandering in French, English, and Russian, she fell in love with the enemy, learned Hebrew from trashy sitcoms and shifted her focus back to the Middle East. She has published two novels in Arabic in Beirut, and they are translated to English and German. She was also the Lebanese Thai Boxing champion for some years before deciding to retire and conserve her brain cells. She enjoys wearing bright colors and mismatching prints, constantly confusing the local birds.”

    PS: She was Lebanon’s Thai Boxing champion for years but a 62 year old man still managed to overcome her?

  8. Hadi Jammal

    PS Alexandra made her profile more private after the scandal that she is in love with an Israeli woman and communicating in Hebrew languages. She never admitted she was a Jew. So now she is scared and put more privacy on her profile. I wonder why has she changed her family name to shakked. which is the family name of her girlfriend. By the way, you can still access her girlfriend’s profile, it is still public and of course it will be hidden soon. By the way, Nasawiya page keeps erasing the info I put which I find about Alex, of course to hide the fact that they are defending a girl whom they thought was innocent and turned to be an agent perhaps

  9. Hisham

    Hadi Jamal’s logic is an insult to every logician that ever set foot on the face of this planet. First of, what the fuck is an Israeli Moroccan? If she is not half-Israeli, then she is a Jewish Moroccan, not an Israeli Moroccan. Secondly, how dare you say that dealing with Israelis or Jews is 3amalee. The law states that giving the Israeli intelligence private information is the only 3amali. Do you seriously believe that playing an online game with an Israeli gets you imprisoned? You know, Hezbollah is fond of many Israeli diplomats who are welcomed and praised when there is a hostage exchange. And the streets of south Lebanon were once covered with rice and flowers when the IDF encroached. Thirdly, are you saying that it is allowed to rape Lesbians who are friends with Jews? What are you? A daheya resident with some hassan nassrallhian terrorism and indoctrination? Even if she was a Lebanese Jew who loved Jewish women, she has rights that protect her from barbarians and desert-scavenging mitwalis like you. Do you think she is one of your sabaya? Do you feel like doing a forceful pleasure contract with her because you can posses her with your right hand? Enough of this stupid slut-shaming and black-mailing. You better wait for judicial orders before throwing mud on her. This is not Tehran. We don’t practice rape under judicial law. We don’t stone innocent women. We don’t persecute our Jewish minority. If you don’t like our society, go to Tehran. There you could throw stones at women and accuse them of adultery and jewery and Zionism, and then sing praises to the Najjad, who claims the Mahdi placed an invisible halo on his head.

    1. Hadi Jammal

      You are right Hisham about all u say, but you went way out of our topic. Im against all what u are against, but I hope you focus on the main topic which is hypocrisy and lies she does in order to reach personal gains.

  10. Hadi Jammal

    You are right Hisham about all u say, but you went way out of our topic. Im against all what u are against, but I hope you focus on the main topic which is hypocrisy and lies she does in order to reach personal gains.

  11. Hisham

    Why would a highly-educated, intelligent girl sacrifice her reputation to accuse someone of something that repugnant? She is a brilliant, silver-tongued author with three novels and a bright future ahead of her. She also studies at Yales and doesn’t need such publicity. As you said earlier, she changed her name to avoid such publicity, and as someone else said, she wasn’t the one to reveal her real name. Moreover, the story didn’t achieve any publicity worth noting. She simply used facebook to steam out her anger and frustration with what she was forced into by a professor she both trusted and admired. According to her, she posted that picture so that other girls with similar cases can speak out. I researched her and she is neither a gold-digger nor a loser who is seeking glory by shaming others. On the contrary, she is a college girl who claims to have been abused and raped by a professor who manipulated her and raped her in a non-classical way, which affected her personally and lead her to speak out after years of fear and shame. Again, we both could be wrong, but let us not jump to hasty conclusions. If the case we have was just made-up allegations(and I highly doubt that), then we can attack her all we want. However, we should study her side of the story, since she thinks the Lebanese justice system isn’t advanced enough to deal with her case, so she used social media to propagate a humane message and convey to others that rape isn’t just jumping on someone and forcing them to have sex. It could be through careful planning, manipulation and abuse of authority.

    Her side of the story is as follows:

    1- He flirted with her in class in front of the students.

    2- He encouraged her to write a novel.

    3- He told her to spend time in his office writing it.

    4- He tried his best to win her trust and become her best friend.

    5- He openly discussed things like sex and rebelling on cultural and religious norms with her, and invited her to his house.

    6- He told her to stay in an isolated house he owned or rented in Ehden, I’m not sure, claiming that he just wanted to help her focus on her novel. And he literally locked her up in there, and encouraged her to lose connections with family and friends.

    7- After some time, he took her to his bookshelf and showed her a book. He then took out his thingy and attempted to have some sexual action with her while she was shocked by this awkward situation and confused, given that he is a best friend and an authority figure which she admired.

    8- He threatened her that if she says anything her reputation would be ruined.

    9- He made sure to make her feel comfortable with herself, and never to really think of it as if he is harming her, even though he was taking advantage of a 19-year old.

    10- He started occasionally raping her and using the past experiences to black-mail her.

    11- He even started black-mailing her when she was abroad, treating her as if she owed him sexual favours.

  12. Najwa

    Rape cases arouse our compassion when the facts are published. Giving credibility to any accusation has to be based on our interpretation of the presented facts, which in this case fail to convince me beyond any reasonable doubt. The allegated events could not have taken place in a society such as Beirut where individuals cannot hide from the watchful eye of their family and neighbours.
    How did a young and unmarried girl manage to spend so many nights away without the knowledge of her family ?
    How did she manage not to be seen by anyone ?
    How come her friends and the fellow students didn’t notice any distress signs during this long period ?
    The arguments presented are difficult to accept, thus in my view, challenge the sincerity of the statements.
    Rape is a serious crime against women and should not go unpunished. Crying rape for the sake of attracting attention does not in any way assist women who have to follow the judicial path in order to achieve justice. Unfounded character assassination on the web is a modern version of mental rape and should not go unchallenged.

  13. Hisham

    “How did a young and unmarried girl manage to spend so many nights away without the knowledge of her family?”

    Not sure. She might have been forced to pretend to be at a friend’s house. Besides, she doesn’t seem to be from a conservative family. And she claims that the (potential rapist) tried to help her lose connections with family and friends.

    “How did she manage not to be seen by anyone?”

    Of course, she wasn’t seen by anyone when she was raped, but she was seen after and between the rape incidents.She was seen by many people, actually. The professor, according to her, used to flirt with her in class in front of all the other students. According to her, the rape took place in an isolated house in Ehden, so I doubt anyone saw her there, but her friends noticed that she changed because of those incidents.

    “How come her friends and the fellow students didn’t notice any distress signs during this long period ?”

    They surely did. Even her views changed, and she became something like a puppet in the hands of the professor, who black-mailed her and controlled her. As she said, she lost most of her ties with family and friends, and they felt that she really changed when she started writing her novel.

    “Crying rape for the sake of attracting attention does not in any way assist women who have to follow the judicial path in order to achieve justice. Unfounded character assassination on the web is a modern version of mental rape and should not go unchallenged.”

    The opposite of what you said is true. Many girls encounter rape in a non-classical manner, and are afraid to speak out or do anything, and thus such cries and accusations might give them courage and an arena to voice out their frustration and problems. It’s more for women who feel that they can’t follow the judicial law out of fear, shame, poverty and lack of evidence to support their cases. Moreover, your next claim was a non sequitur. Women who follow the judicial law won’t be any less credible if many false alarms about rape went off. The court is only concerned with evidence and witnesses, not bandwagon arguments like “many women pretend to be raped.” In addition to this, you seem to ignore all the women who are raped but don’t have the power to prove it, which I find really revolting. The court isn’t the only place meant to achieve justice. Freedom of speech must entail a license to offend and slander, otherwise those who work themselves out of the justice of the judicial system, won’t be punished for their crimes and offences. The libel in the process doesn’t matter, because freedom of speech allows a response to accusations. In many cases of rape, the family of the victims had to literally commit a crime and kill the rapist, because he got away with it in court. Then later, it was found that the murders were justified because he truly was the rapist. If they followed your advice, they would have helped the rapist get away with his crime. Rapists can be very talented at manipulating their victims and hiding their evidence, especially child rapists that can easily higher good lawyers to dismiss accusations from children who can’t properly testify in court and defend themselves.

  14. Hadi Jammal

    Its great Hisham the you started using some logic in your language. Now we can talk. The research you made about Alex is a good job, trying to find a truth…. Knowing this person, Alex, very well, I know how she published two of the three novels you mention with Rachid’s help where she used to sleep four years at his place… She used to talk about Racheed that he was a very special author and person. When I once told her that I don’t find Racheed’s novels successful and that I hate his writing, she started defending him outrageously, saying he was among the best Arab authors she reads for. I wonder what was driving her to defend a rapist this way while there was no one recording our conversation. what was she afraid of? I wonder if is there are pictures for her following him wherever he goes like all his book signings at the Biel in Beirut. Why do all these don’t raise questions for you Hisham? You are right, it is very awkward that she defames herself this way, being that brilliant… is it because she is psychotic? Or because she has some hidden interests?
    I wish if what you say is true that Alexandra comes to Beirut and raise a law suit against him rather than doing these coward tricks with a poster on Facebook and hide in her little cottage.

  15. Hadi Jammal

    Despite all the hypocrisy I find in Alexandra’s allegations, yet nothig justifies the unethical and illegal behaviour the Daif professor did with his student.

  16. Nol

    Dear all,
    concerning what I’ve read before from the girl, and what I’ve read from the respondent. I think that any relation happens if 2 persons tango.
    1st of all, the doctor mentioned that she hates her parents, and that she has problems with them especially with her dad. Psychologically, this girl needs love and care, but she chose the Dr to be hers since he looks apparently like her father (not by the looks, but through the consultancy that she lacked from her father).
    2nd of all, this Dr might have loved this student (its not a wrong thing), but for the society its unethical. In return, she was the one who gave him the chance to do so.
    In this case, I think that this girl hurt her reputation and the reputation of the Dr where they are both mistaken and it’s a WIN-WIN situation.


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