Le mythe d’un pays qui ne cesse de se mentir à lui-même

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Quotidien léthargique. État comateux. Cherté de vie en crescendo. Et l’on s’adapte. Embouteillage encore, tempête de pluie, coupures d’électricité, immeuble qui s’écroule. Demain tout sera oublié. C’est le mythe d’un pays qui ne cesse de se mentir à lui-même. [Full Article]

A very nice article by Hala Moubarak featured in today’s L’Orient le Jour on the few hundreds of young Lebanese born in wartime and still hoping to change this country for the better.

3 thoughts on “Le mythe d’un pays qui ne cesse de se mentir à lui-même

  1. Layal

    We should change this country for the better.When I was younger and a bit more naive,I used to adore Lebanon.I would count down the days tirelessly till school would finish so that I could jet down to the old country with my parents.It was my biggest dream to finish school so that I could study at the AUB and finally live in Lebanon.Lebanon,to me,was this beautiful utopia of green trees,family and beauty.As I grew older,and started doing more research.I began to get more and more disillusioned.The skies which were in my eyes the brightest,bluest skies ever,started turning gray and clogged with the smoke of racism,hatred,political dissent and the never ending threat of war.I sadly discovered that the land I loved was not a land of love as I had imagined it to be.Now,it looks like a miserable hell hole rife with complaints,poverty,greed coming from our lovely politicians who never cease to spew lies from their mouths.I now dread going to the country where women have absolutely no rights,where we could get raped by our husbands and not have a law to back us,where a Lebanese mother cannot rightly call her children Lebanese,where corruption is widespread,where hatred and lies run loose in a shallow,vapid society.3am betkarrhooni bi baladi.This has to stop.Stop the lies,the hatred,the EVERYTHING.If not for US,think of our future generations.Improve Lebanon so that no more people will become disillusioned,like I have.I love Lebanon,but I absolutely abhor and despise what people have done to it.


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