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I first read about this app today on Joe’s box. It’s a nice app to have as you can check out strictly Lebanese blogs and maybe get to know some that you aren’t aware of, but it would have been nice to have a list of the blogs added or if we could filter the blogs we want to be reading.

Also, I didn’t like the logo at all but I am guessing it will change with time as the app evolves. It reminds me a lot of lebanonfiles.com with the blue and red.

You can download it [Here].

8 thoughts on “Lebanese blogs app

    1. Fouad Itani

      Thank you ed.

      We are currently changing the logo/icon designs and doing some bug fixes.

      Send us your contact details so that we can include you when we vote for the new designs and you will be part of the final outcome.

  1. Fouad Itani

    Thank you Blog Baladi, for this post and quick review of the app.

    We are currently doing changes in terms of design, bug fixes etc.

    We would like you to be part of the final outcome and help us in deciding on final logo designs.

    can you please send us your contact details and where we can reach you.

  2. Gilbert

    for android users, google reader is the right app to read selected blogs and feeds.
    i get this blog feeds through it 🙂


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