Lebanese excited about the royal wedding

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A lot of Lebanese are anxiously waiting for today’s Royal wedding to kick off. I am sure some of them even made the trip to watch it.

There’s also a sold out gala lunch at Le Royal hotel in Dbayyeh organized by the British embassy where around 400 guests will be able to watch the wedding live. [DailyStar]

Check out the site for the Royal wedding.[RoyalWedding2011]

I am sure a lot of Lebanese guys will be cursing that day as their fiancees will take the opportunity to get some ideas for their wedding lol.

I can imagine some talks:

“Lek lek hal arrangemenet chou 7elween! lezim na3mil mitloun”

“Meen 7elle2a dakhlak? 7abbet chou 3emle”

“Badde khetim mitil hayda hayete, stofil chouf chou baddak ta3mil!”

3 thoughts on “Lebanese excited about the royal wedding

  1. Ronman

    Just heard one of these lightning quick jokes:

    on her way out of the Abbey, Princess Kate goes to the Queen, “i hope all will be well…”,

    the queen replies: “Put your seat-belt on, and don’t piss me off, and all should go well.

    I’m like who the hell comes up with these jokes? i get the dark humor but still…


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