Lebanese Taxi drivers don’t like coins?

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I was walking towards Gemmayze the other day when it started raining, so I took a cab and had an interesting talk with the cab driver:

Me: Wasselne 3al SNA 3mol ma3rouf.

Cab Driver: Tekram 3aynak.

Me: Tfaddal (and i handed him 4x500LL coins) cause i had only 100$ bill.

Cab Driver: Haydol mich massare! ma 3andak frata?

Me: Le mannoun massare? chou behoun?

Cab Driver: bidee3o ma3na haydol ne7na el chaufferriye, ma mnekhidoun.

(We were almost there)

Me: Chou badna na3mil? hayda el mawjoud.

And I went down and left.

This talk made me remember one of Lebanon’s famous proverbs that goes “Che7ad wou mcharatt!”. They keep complaining about the situation and the rise in oil prices and they don’t want coins!

8 thoughts on “Lebanese Taxi drivers don’t like coins?

  1. fadi

    the service people are all nawar man, you should treat them like they deserve to be treated! I used to be nice and all and always tip them, but I have learned my lesson :/

  2. friskies

    not all of them are nawar. but every person in the world has a bad side. my favorite taxi driver never cared about money or its quality, but he just talked too much. way too much.


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