Lebanese women can now have 60 days of Maternity Leave

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The council of Ministers has Approved during his session on October 10 2012, the amendment of article 15 of the Public Code of Contractuals , Nizam el Am lil Oujara2. Now, a woman contractual in the public sphere can benefit from a 60 day maternity leave instead of a 40 days maternity leave! [Source: RitaChemaly]

I think it’s time Lebanese men start asking for a paternity leave. 60 days for women and nothing for us? Wayniyye el Dawoule?

5 thoughts on “Lebanese women can now have 60 days of Maternity Leave

  1. nicolette

    And still not even 2/3rds of the international standard for maternity leave (14 weeks). Well, I guess progress is progress no matter how small.

  2. A

    they’re doing us a favor, otherwise we’d have to get up in the middle of the night to change the diapers.. as it is now, you have your “i have work early morning” excuse not to be up at 2:30AM cleaning crap


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