Lebanese Women Pissed by Ministry of Tourism campaign

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The television campaign sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and entitled “Lebanon blues” has angered a lot of Lebanese women who claim they are being portrayed in an indecent manner and that the Ministry of Tourism and its minister Fadi Abboud are promoting Lebanon as a country for sex tourism. [Full Response] [Lebanon Blues Ad]

Here’s an excerpt of what came in that response:

“The truth is that we are not “free” women wearing bikinis and partying all night. The truth is that we are deprived, poor and oppressed. Our bodies which you say are free, are still subject to many social, domestic, legal and economic restraints. We, as injured and humiliated women, ask the Ministry of Tourism to recall this advert immediately and to apologize for this insult. Because out bodies aren’t delicious fruit to offer to consumers so they will visit the “homeland” to pick out what they desire.”

Is it acceptable for the Ministry of Tourism to promote Lebanon as the “cabaret of the Middle East” to tourists? Can’t it revive tourism without selling women’s bodies? Dear Ministry, how can either we or you accept our bodies becoming the goal and target of the lust of the arriving spenders? How are we supposed to understand that “Lebanon Blues” is connected to our naked bodies? How can the Ministry of Tourism promote a message to the whole world that Lebanon is a country which sells its women for the sake of the tourists?

I am not surprised that Fadi Abboud might come out with such ads, he is known to be filthy and vulgar and has reportedly hit a female worker at his ministry few months back. Moreover and to make things worse, he issued a statement today that he wants to go through the Miss Lebanon 2011 applicants this year in order to “ensure the competition’s high standards”. [Article]

I wonder how he plans on ensuring the competition’s high standards?

I must agree with Mustapha from BeirutSpring that “it’s very unfortunate that a person with such dubai-esque sensibilities is the one in charge of promoting a place as rich and diverse as Lebanon. What’s even more unfortunate is that he’s using Lebanese women as Lebanon’s unique selling point.” [BeirutSpring]

16 thoughts on “Lebanese Women Pissed by Ministry of Tourism campaign

  1. Devin

    Very Sexist campaign and I do not see it as an appeal to the “European” consumer…it is a direct play on cliche…here we go… what do you expect from a guy who wanted to compete with hoummous?!

  2. Danderma

    How is that ad representing what vacationing in Lebanon is all about is beyond me… the ad might make more sense if it was about vacationing in Barbados or the Bahamas… not Lebanon!!! Lebanese women have every right to be offended!!!

  3. friskies

    terribly terrible ad administered by an even terribly terrible minister, chosen by a much terribly terrible man.

  4. Ronman

    The description of the video on you tube says; “For the first time, the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism decided to communicate” and will spend the better part of a week and perhaps the rest of the year, trying to repair the PR mess they have gotten themselves into with this Tasteless ad, but lets face it, this has been the un-discussed truth for quite some time now.

    what baffles me is that Impactbbdo do such terrible work…everything about the ad sucks..it just lacks cohesiveness altogether…

  5. Keane

    Reportedly? this report was made by mtv, a tv station that employed all the people lbc has FILTERED OUT of its system, the same mtv who has a certain denise rahme in its ranks who has the superpowers of knowing, just by throwing a look at a crowd, the percentage of its different religious components, the same mtv that spreads lies in a professional way to fake an official reuters statement (I’m sure that’s not “worthy” of a blog post)..tssk, reportedly 2al, it is these “a la georges bkesine” methods that make me repulsive towards journalism, long live this country’s supreme legends like n2oula nassif!!

    Halla2 ana hole jame3it l women’s rights ma fine 3layoun, metel jame3it l animals’ rights ma byet7eko, though I may suggest to make the simple note that depending on your intentions, you can percieve the ad in different ways..
    In any case, the ministry does not seem to be solely concentrating and obsessed with “women’s bodies”, it has also tackled food issues, enta bet 7ebb l food, walaw kent 7attet tene video kamen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ejQeEyDx1A

  6. Najib Post author

    He did push and hit a woman at his ministry. I know it because I know someone who works there and does not agree politically with MTV yet confirmed it.

    As for the food, he is a f**** idiot for wasting that much food for achieving stupid records. Biggest Hummus bowl? Really?

  7. samar

    wow..i wonder what an educated european would say about this ad..if he really wants to involve women of lebanon in his ad..he could’ve addressed their beauty..not sexuality.

  8. bored

    oh sorry, forgot that he is not from your party, Najib. At least he doesn’t act like scummy thugs in residential areas.

    1. none of ur business

      عفوا أنا ليس لدي أي علم بالحملة الدعائية ولا بما فعله الوزير ز و لكن إن كان صحيح ما كتب عنه فهو المافيا نفسها.
      عسى أن يهديكم الله و يجازيكم على ما فعلتم أى تحضر هذا الذي تناشدون به و أنت عودون للجاهلية

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  10. nabil

    This is nothing compared to the present ALMAZA beer advertising campaign.It makes all women prostitutes.

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