Lebanese are among the least positive worldwide

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Gallup measured positive emotions in 148 countries and areas in 2011 using five questions. These questions ask people whether they experienced a lot of enjoyment the day before the survey and whether they felt respected, well-rested, laughed and smiled a lot, and did or learned something interesting. [Link]

The five questions asked are:
– Did you feel well-rested yesterday?
– Where you treated with respect all day yesterday?
– Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday?
– Did you lear or do something interesting yesterday?
– Did you experience the following feelings during a lot of the day yesterday? How about enjoyment?

The percentage in Lebanon who answered yes to all the questions above was only 61% placing Lebanon in the bottom 40 positions.

7 thoughts on “Lebanese are among the least positive worldwide

  1. Farid

    Enno akid; actually 61% looks awsome.
    Just imagine this set of questions:
    – Did you have Kahraba all day yesterday?
    – Eja sahrij el mayy abel ma yefda el khezzen 3al ekhir yesterday?
    – Sme3tellak chi khabriyeh 7elwe 3a kell nachrat el akhber of yesterday?
    – Zamattelak min chi joura kbire yesterday?
    – Ata3et 3a Jeser Naher El Mot w ma de3et kif trou7 chmel, yemin aw bel nos yesterday?
    – Dall chi wa7ad ma zammarlak la2annak w2efet 3al ichara el 7amra yesterday!!


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