Lebanon makes World Cup progress despite loss

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The National team’s performance was a relatively poor one today, but South Korea’s win over Kuwait helped us go through. We might not be that lucky in the next round, so let’s hope preparations will be better especially that we have a great coach (Theo Bucker) and some great players.

However, I was surprised to hear today that the 10,000,000LL promised to each player after their win over South Korea few months back were not yet paid and await the government’s approval? Why did the government make promises it can’t deliver? These players need all the motivation they can get.

Other World Cup qualifying games were taking place today, and the story of the day was Bahrain scoring 10 goal against Indonesia and almost making it through if it wasn’t for Qatar’s last minutes equalizer.

2 thoughts on “Lebanon makes World Cup progress despite loss

  1. Scirocc0

    as i already said, they will see mars before they will get the 10 000 000 LBP
    the promises were political talks !!!
    they should’ve support the national team to win not after the players make personal efforts they promise them with a bonus !!
    anyway it was a good job trying some players the good part is that we qualified 🙂

  2. Marie Nakhle

    I saw on LBC yesterday that our dear politicians went to visit the team 2 HOURS before the game and gave beautiful (not) speeches about Lebanese unity and how they are heroes and promised them even more money.

    That is not something to do 2 hours before the game! They lost all concentration and furthermore were not getting rest cause of their friends and families calling and asking them to get more tickets so they can attend the game.


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