Lebanon wins first game against Canadian Basketball team

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Lebanon won his first game at the World Basketball championship being held in Turkey against Canada 81-71. The best scorer was Fadi el Khatib with 31 points.

This is relatively Lebanon’s easiest game. The hard part is yet to come.

Here are some photos of the game.

4 thoughts on “Lebanon wins first game against Canadian Basketball team

  1. Keane

    MABROUK LEBANON!!!!!!!!!!!
    We still can and have to beat France (a task we’ve already achieved 4 years ago) and New Zealand to qualify…and then we’ll go easy on Spain and Lithuania..:P
    Yalla Yalla Lebbbbbb!!!!

  2. Keane

    France just beat Spain!!:S
    Lucky bastards, now they got good momentum for tomorrow, and you can be sure Spain will not lose anymore games in the group stage..
    We have to stay sharp..

  3. Keane

    Damn French, when’s the last time they’ve ever won anything…

    “De Gaulle a marque la France mais la France n’as pas marque de goals”


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