Lebanonized Greeting Cards

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I found those really cool greeting cards at Megastore in Maameltein. They are for all occasions and have Lebanese messages on them like “Happy New Year Habibi”, “I knew you could do it, wilililili” and others.

8 thoughts on “Lebanonized Greeting Cards

  1. f

    I bought a couple of these cards from the random gift/card section in ABC Achrafieh (next to Antoine and Lina’s). Totally love them.

  2. Danielle

    And here I was thinking that card giving wasn’t big in Lebanon..I had such a hard time finding cards to give this Christmas. Wish I had come across these.,.nice find.

  3. Mia

    Hey people!
    Do anyone know if this store has online shopping option. Gotta have it for my Hot-A$$-Lebanese BF!
    The cards are pretty cool!
    Can anyone ship it to USA?

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