Leila Abdel Latif ya Latif!

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I was surprised to see Leila Abdel Latif on LBCI last night as I thought Lebanese were no longer interested in such stupidities. I hope LBCI are not relying too much on her or on Michel Hayek to see if they will be winning their appeal in court against the Lebanese Forces party.

In one of her predictions, she claimed Najwa Karam is going to get married. I will add to that prediction that the guy will have Hitler-like mustaches.

4 thoughts on “Leila Abdel Latif ya Latif!

  1. Rachelle

    They gave her a live interview on a Sunday night on LBC?! And they called it “Tarikh yashhad”, walaw?
    Is that what people should remember

  2. Dr. Shafie

    This is ridiculous and a waste of time for everyone. Ths is a scam! When I first heard the critics from MTV about this program, I thought it is unethical anti-propaganda made to destroy her morals. However; when she showed up on LBC last Sunday Feb. 28, 2016, I was shocked about the low quality of the program covering her Stereotype storytelling. The basic feature of her scam involves diagnosing the victim with some sort of secret future problem that only she can detect or diagnose. Thus, freezing the attitude and emotions of her vulnerable victims she tries to manipulate and intimidate her audience using sensitive tactics. She collects information from the daily news (journals & TV) and bases her assumptions on past and present experiences to target the expected future of her victims. I feel bad for those Lebanese who are addicted to watch such programs. Warn you, this would lead to depression!


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