Lionel Messi involved in a car accident?

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Few hours ago, I read on Kataeb News portal that Lionel Messi had a car accident in Argentina and was seriously injured. His gf was with him and died instantly because of the crash. I googled to see if it’s true or not and found nothing online. Some 20 minutes later, the same portal denies the news so I forgot about it until LBCI just mentioned the news few minutes ago!

So I checked again and could not find anything online about this. There is not even a mention of a rumor of Messi having an accident. So I ask LBCI where the hell did they get this piece of information from and how can they allow themselves to report such news without verifying it?

Update: Messi is in Chile not even in Argentina today and all this rumor about him getting involved in a car accident is a lie. [Link1] [Link2]

61 thoughts on “Lionel Messi involved in a car accident?

  1. Avir chaudhury

    I heard from some friends that messi os no more……but these should be avoided by the news channels,they should not publicise such a type of shit news……

  2. Srayan

    though im not a messi fan… bt as a football fan…..



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