Lotto winner yet to claim his prize?

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I overheard the other day that the winner of the 3.5 million dollars last week is yet to claim his prize? I also heard the winner is an Egyptian worker in a gas station.

This whole Lotto thing in Lebanon is very suspicious to be honest. What are the odds that every year during Christmas, the lotto is unwon for consecutive weeks?

21 thoughts on “Lotto winner yet to claim his prize?

  1. KM

    it is definitely suspicious… not only do they make people win in the holidays season but they always seem to pick out the workers & poor people. I bet they do a deal with them whereby they take like a 100 grand max, & in return they pretend they won the whole money! anyways nothing from lebanese people is shocking especially stealing the lottery money…

  2. annie

    Maybe they play with the numbers behind the scenes like the card tricks and then show you some random numbers but the numbers in fact are manipulated,it’s a possibity

  3. Gianni

    Almost anything can be manipulated. In Lebanon I believe everything is abstract and nothing is real (Michelle are you?).
    Lebanese seem to be paranoid schizophrenics. 😀

  4. Leila

    i guess the guy got so happy he died of a heart attack ….
    and btw just bec it says live on the screen it doesn’t make it real time
    in any case i have a plan on how to win and i’m sticking to it 😉

  5. Sam

    Guys you are so funny! The winner is called Ralph Mastori. He is an auditor at Ernst & Young Beirut. He is 24 years old and he is from a wealthy family (not at all a poor egyptian at any gaz station). You should update your information people…

  6. Najib Post author

    If you win, they send you an email and add funds to your account that’s all. If you wish to claim your money, they can send you a check or transfer your funds.

  7. hadi

    How can one claim his prize if it was sent by sms and the prize was 500,000 LL, will it be deducted too from the phone bill?!

  8. George Salina

    First the odds to win the Lebanese loto is 1 in 5,245,786 chance of winning the Lebanese Loto.
    I got this info from

    I think you have a point to have this suspicious feeling about the loto winners…
    I have been playing for you years, never won..


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