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I thought I figured out what Abbas meant when he says “I saw you Jackses” but then after watching few Ma fi Metlo episodes, I noticed he uses it in different circumstances. Does anyone know what it really means? Or is it just a silly phrase he came up with?

Speaking of Ma fi Metlo, it was honestly funnier when it started and it’s getting a little repetitive lately. I think that’s a bit weird because there’s so much material they can work on with everything that’s going on in Lebanon.



9 thoughts on “Ma fi Metlo – I saw you Jackses

      1. Scirocc0

        i think i had a connection problem i replied but it is not showing… anyway i saw the ad of the show … abo riad came and he was beating abbes and asking him what does i saw you jacksess means …

  1. Michel

    First it means: I saw you jack ass

    Second regarding being repetetive , I think its cause they are busy with the mafi metlo shows.

  2. R

    I had asked the same question previously and a very good friend of mine replied :
    “when I met 3ebbs he said that it started with the song “I saw you dancing” and then with the days he made it I saw you jackses, enno yalla za77it. He also uses it as “oum yaa”. 2al it has all kinds of meanings 3a hal nassa2″

    1. Nader

      yes that’s is right.
      he wants to say “shiftak ya 7mar” in english and misspelling “i saw you jackass” and says “i saw you jackses”


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