Ma’amoul from Ghazir

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Some friends of ours from Ghazir (Keserwan) got us during Easter some weirdly shaped and stuffed maamoul they are apparently known for.

Their Ma’amoul comes much bigger than the usual ones, with a white dough (barely baked?) covered with sugar, and stuffed with almond and walnuts (very similar to the Katayef stuffing during Barbara).

It tasted pretty good, but nothing beats the real Ma’amoul.

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  1. Gilly

    Yeah, we also had some at lunch on Sunday. I don’t understand what’s so special, they just looked and tasted like giant ma3mouls that the baker was too lazy to put into the wooden mould and smack 😛 I’m not sure if I heard this right, but do they really cost 5,000 LL a piece?


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