Man Kills Hyena in Jdita,Bekaa

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Update: Hyenas are endangered species and striped hyenas are extremely timid around humans. We should take care of them instead of killing them.

One must have some guts to go after a hyena and kill it. They are very dangerous and deadly animals. You can check out the hyene’s picture [Here].

16 thoughts on “Man Kills Hyena in Jdita,Bekaa

  1. Guilimace


    I heard the other day on the radio, that it is forbidden to kill hyena. They mostly eat animal corpses, thus help in the cleaning up of nature. As scavengers, they play an important role in the ecosystem.

    I love your blog and visit it daily :)!

  2. Thoraiya

    I love your blog, too, but I bet hyenas are an endangered species in Lebanon. Frankly, with the Lebanese tendency to shoot anything that moves and crush innocent creatures like chameleons because they “have the evil eye”, I’m surprised there’s any wildlife left at all :p

  3. Devin

    So much for Bio-Diversity preservation, Lebanon became a big forests of concrete and cars…Cars kill more people than hyenas will ever do in Lebanon, we should manage wild life better to protect humans and the environment.

  4. Mario

    No, you don’t need guts. You just need a gun and a minimum IQ of 73. So that means most Lebanese, haha.

    On a more serious note, your comment comes off as very ignorant. In ordinary circumstances, striped hyenas are extremely timid around humans. They are an endangered species not just in Lebanon but all over the middle east. And you should always remember that it is humans who are encroaching on THEIR environment, not the other way around.
    With your blog readership you should be a little bit more responsible on how you post these things. Lebanon barely has any native wildlife left as it is, and you could use your blog as a platform to promote awareness about the need for their preservation as opposed to stating mild admiration of some ignorant idiot who managed to pull a trigger. At least Israel knows the value of these animals and is trying to protect them (although they care less about native humans apparently).

  5. Najib Post author

    Hyenas are preserved in some places in Lebanon but they could prove dangerous for the locals as far as I know.

    I am not an expert in wildlife and It’s not that simple to go to Jdita once we hear a hyena got killed there. If you know someone who actually promotes such awareness in Lebanon, I would be more than glad to contact him/her and see how it can be promoted here.

    And I did not show admiration for that guy. All I said is that it’s not that simple to kill such an animal and he must have had some guts to shoot it.

  6. Mario

    I’m disappointed but not surprised with your response. Most Lebanese when faced with their own ignorance prefer to be defensive as opposed to learning. Let me quote my previous resposnes which you obviously did not read fully:
    “striped hyenas are extremely timid around humans.”
    “This guy does amazing work:

  7. Najib Post author

    I’ve read a bit and striped Hyenas do attack humans even if rarely, so this might have been a dangerous one for all we know. I am not defending the guy nor praising him but people in villages not just in Lebanon prefer taking out something threatening them or their cattle and sheep rather than call experts to come capture it. It’s mainly due to a lack of awareness and maybe because they don’t know such organizations exist.

    And I was answering your first response. I was in a hurry when I read ur comments and I just checked the website you posted in the second response and it seems quite interesting.

    I will contact them soon and pay them a visit and post about it. I will ask Miss Farah (since it’s her hometown) to spread awareness on that issue next time she visits Jdita.

    Thank you for your input and calling me an ignorant 🙂

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  9. Roni

    Dear , I do live in zahle, we see hyenas in the mountains …. During winter when there is too much snow , they go down to villages to hunt sheep or chickens , don’t forget that there is young kids playing outside and it can kill one and take it to the mountains to feed his offsprings , believe me once u see it face to face,e u wish u have a gun , coz it might and I’m certain it will attack you without hesitating a second , so imagine your neck is under 1000 pound pressure per square cm and no one can hear you or help you


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