New York Lebanese Man’ouche (منقوشة)

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My dad brought me this flyer back from New York as he was in the U.S for past three weeks. What caught my attention is that prices are almost similar to the Manakish places in Lebanon and for some items even cheaper than Zaatar wou Zeit for example.

The normal Cheese Man’ouche costs 2,500 or 3,000 in most Manakish shops while it costs 4000LL at ZWZ (Halloum Cheese Man’ouche at ZWZ costs 5,500LL though). The Regular Cheese Man’ouche at this NY shop costs 4,500LL (3$).

4 thoughts on “New York Lebanese Man’ouche (منقوشة)

  1. lead

    najib you should come to dubai and check the prices of zwz, last time i ordered man@ouche halloum and zfatouch and 1 mirinda for 70 derhams ya3ne for 19 usd WTF, i will try to scan the menu and prices and send it to you by mail

  2. Patrick

    The difference is that in the US, Lebanese food is a specialty. You can find Man’ouche’s & Manakish every where in Lebanon, for much cheaper and much tastier than you do at that rip off, ridiculous place, ZwZ.

  3. Ayman

    With all due respect, but the best mana2ish in Beirut are found in those small bakeries that are known only to the people who live in those certain neighborhoods. ZwZ’s quality is not even close to those. And all these bakeries share a similar pricing, Jibnei is max 1500 while Zaatar is max 1000. As a conclusion, i guess i somewhat agree with what Patrick said.


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