Mark wins lawsuit against Benihana

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The court ruled in favor of Mark from 248am in Benihana’s lawsuit against him.

For those unaware of this lawsuit, Mark was sued by Benihana restaurant in Kuwait for having reported a bad experience he had at their restaurant. [Link]

Here’s an article from LorientLejour on the lawsuit. [Link]

This is great news for Mark and all bloggers!

PS: Now we can get back to critisizing restaurants safely.

5 thoughts on “Mark wins lawsuit against Benihana

  1. Ronman

    Congrats to Mark, great result, i just hope they don’t go on dragging this in the Appeal’s court…they already damaged themselves enough…i hope they learned their lesson and Mark gets his legal fees and stress paid off…

  2. Gianni

    Great Mark. You were in the right all the way. I still could not understand why on earth did they think had some kind of proprietary monopoly in the restaurant…

    Anyways. Cheers

  3. LebExile

    this was a stunt to intimidate bloggers / critics. Most critics for reputable publications would be backed up by their respective organisations, but bloggers are easy prey, they probably were hoping for an out of court settlement and apology of sorts on the blog. who knows. In any case, this was highly unlikely to succeed if it reached court, and they have muddied their reputation more than his blog ever did in the first place.
    Just my two cents

  4. Devin

    I think Mark should counter sue to force Benihana to warn their visitor; for example display a sign on the menu or in a visible location stating “If you don’t like our food we will sue you. Limited guarantee apply (since they lost)”


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