Maxime Chaya Rowed Across The Indian Ocean!

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I read it on lebanonfiles and LBC just confirmed it! Lebanese Maxime Chaya just finished rowing the Indian Ocean after almost 58 days. Also and according to his tweets, he may have broken 2 Guinness world records:
1- 1st 3-man team across the Indian Ocean.
2- The Fastest team across the Indian Ocean.


3 thoughts on “Maxime Chaya Rowed Across The Indian Ocean!

  1. Frequent Flier

    Wow ! He solved the world’s problems rowing for money for Nescafe, Bank Audi and other sponsors that will make us believe this 19th Century endeavor will bring our world forwards.

  2. Frequent Flier

    Off course, the other two other two members of the team were Ali Moumtaz and Mohammed Fazi3 which make this a 100% Lebanese success.

  3. Rayan

    Frequent Flier,

    No one is claiming this will solve world problems or claiming it as a 100% Lebanese success. It’s a Maxime (and co) success, but it is still something amazing.

    This is what Maxime chose to do in his life, and it takes major balls to do it. And he’s done it brilliantly. Seven peaks, North Pole, South Pole, and now this. I bet you and I will barely make it up to Mt Sannine on foot.

    Find something useful to vent your cynicism on.


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