May Hariri making things worse for herself

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[YouTube] Start Watching at 1:04:00

Why isn’t she looking at Tony at the start when he’s talking to her? That’s quite rude but not as rude as when she stood and insulted him (Starting 1:19:00).

I think the best thing MTV should do is ignore her and enjoy all this free publicity for DWTS because no one’s buying her story.

Here’s an article resuming the interview. [Link]

11 thoughts on “May Hariri making things worse for herself

  1. Dany

    Honestly, if in the contract she signed it’s written that she will receive a special treatment, so it’s her right to get the special treatment. Even if we agree (or not) about her being so famous, the contract must be respected. These little things that we found silly (image, posters size, …) are the essential things that stars and their team negotiate before every movie, event …
    I don’t like her vulgarity but I buy her story

    1. T

      Image/poster size is one thing and keeping her in the program till the end is another!
      I think all votes on shows like this are a big tojlita and if Mtv and the rest of the stations wants us to ever believe then again they ll have to give a accurate count of the votes (and that will never happen)

  2. Taline

    “terkiz lezem ykoun 3alaye”, “sourte akbar soura” “ana ashhar we7de bel program” can she be more into herself????!?!?!?! this story keeps getting more ridiculous i dnt believe ive ever seen a more bitter loser.. why would people vote for someone like that?! i dont care if MTV was fair to her or not, even if they weren’t, her reaction goes to a whole new level. if there was a breach of contract, she could go sue them and not make a fool of herself on tv. I’m sure if she won, she would have never mentioned any of those details.

  3. Saswk

    Before this interview you were a star. After this interview I believe is that you came down crashing. I sure hope you can salvage your career after this interview. You should listen to your friends and keep your mouth shut.
    You’re mixing the show business with the gossip business. You can do damage control by forgetting this whole matter. In any case DWTS is not exactly a place where superstars should appear.
    How could you put yourself in such a mess???

  4. Muscle's Father

    I know she is a liar by accepting to lie to everybody that she “breaks her leg ” and she and the whole dialogue is lame


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