3 thoughts on “Maya Diab’s new video clip

  1. LeLa

    it looks like a huge production…but the story going on before the song starts and the song are two very different and unrelated issues!
    it’s like…w tene yom:…..ra2s w fa2sh
    just so everyone knows I couldn’t continue the clip right after the singing started.
    on the up side she does look beautiful as always 🙂

  2. ali

    with that huge production said el marouk was able to make a great music videos tbh !! but as always lebanese artists always fail to deliver the best in this section !and that’s sad tbh

  3. Majd

    1-Thank god that Mouawad will remain using the same bags in the future!!!
    2-The story doesn’t go well with the songs.
    3-The dance doesn’t go well with the music.
    4-The hotel room design doesn’t look very futuristic. (in the future where each man has time limit, analog phones will remain!!!)

    The list go on but i dont have the time to continue, she SUCKED it all from me with HER HANDS, with her 8 min video clip!!!


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