9 thoughts on “MEA Airlines takeoff video

  1. anony

    I was on a ME flight last week, I don’t remember that part at all. They just have a video covering different categories, historic sites, Lebanese kitchen, night life, banking sector etc…

  2. Aliman

    That looks either japanese or Korean, and since MEA just joined Skyteam Im guessing its something from Korean Air since they are members of skyteam that got uploaded to the system by mistake,especially that it just cuts off.

  3. Chahe

    Alex, I was flying Bey – Jeddah. Usually MEA shows a 20 minute video about how great Lebanon is (you know, crap like how you can ski and swim in the same day). This video was great coz it was only about 3 minutes long. Asian people picking flowers, entertainment at its best!


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