MEA Pilot Laid Off

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Pilots at Lebanon’s national carrier are delaying outgoing flights to protest a decision by the company’s administration to fire a pilot who is undergoing medical treatment.

The pilot in question has been serving the Middle East Airlines for more than 30 years now.

MEA has been trying to rebuild its image as one of the region’s top airlines following years of civil war and the global financial crisis. [Naharnet]

And they are hoping on achieving that by recklessly laying off a pilot because he was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment?

This is a very shameful and immoral decision to take.

7 thoughts on “MEA Pilot Laid Off

  1. ditto

    you guys have no idea what type of cancer he was diagnosed with (at least here and in the linked article), many types of cancer could severely compromise his piloting ability. I would rather a man who’s had a long and healthy career be laid off than risk the lives of people flying on his flights, furthermore, there is the psychological side-effects of being diagnosed with cancer which could also risk passengers.

    Finally, the mandatory retirement age for pilots is 65 (used to be 60), i would think it would be compassionate of MEA to have simply given him an early retirement (i assume they have some compensation after retiring).

    on the other hand, if he’s diagnosed with something that won’t biologically affect his piloting skills and is deemed psychologically fit (by an international expert), i would be more than happy to fly with him.

  2. Mark

    I’m at the airport and my flight is affected by the strike. It’s been delayed 2 hours and so I’m not to happy with MEA right now. Thank you pilots for not canceling my flight.

  3. Mark

    Oh and btw, MEA is not saying the flights are delayed. If u call them theyll tell u flight is on time, at check in flight is on time. On the screens as website flights are on time. Only once u pass immigration only then do u find out your flight is delayed!

    The airport is extremely packed as well. Never seen it so packed ever before.

  4. xyz

    this is sad but MEA is only following aviation health and safety regulations 🙁

    my uncle is a pilot, and pilots can lose their jobs for something less fatal like high intraocular pressure wich might and just might one day cause glaucoma …
    Medical exams are way too strict these days …

    I also wonder, if i d want to be in a flight were the pilot is under any kind of medication …

  5. Karen

    The pilots are not asking for the pilot to fly. They want his legal rights to be protected, ie his entitled salaries to be paid, a non abusive dismissal, a decent medical insurance, and a sick leave as per the book of the law.


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