MEA Pilots to go on strike for 48 hours!

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MEA Pilots just announced that they will escalate their protests and go on a 48 hours strike as of tonight 10 pm. They seem determined to get the laid-off pilot back on duty.

I hope the MEA administration will come back from its decision as soon as possible and reinstate the pilot.

PS: The Lebanese Pilots Association is not demanding that the captain returns to fly, but they are only asking that this captain get his rights as described by the lebanese law; receive 2 months full salary and 2 months half salary on sick leave (via Meapilot)

10 thoughts on “MEA Pilots to go on strike for 48 hours!

  1. phil

    what’s funny is that they would’ve saved more money by giving this pilot a salary without even asking him to turn up to work than they do from not flying these planes for 48 hours.

    they deserve it and all it costs them.

    1. Najib Post author

      2 hours delay was a first warning. 48 hours strike is gonna hurt them real bad and it’s not like you can get replacement pilots the next day.

    1. phil

      i agree that that’s possible, but i’m sure MEA themselves would’ve responded with something at least… then again, companies can very often be slow to move.

  2. Dory

    i didn’t watch the news yesterday but i’ve been told that mea will fire anyone who go on strike again??!!
    can they do this ?


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