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In case some of you are wondering who took the four pictures I posted in the LG TV giveaway, it’s definitely not me. The guy behind these great pictures and many others is George Daya, a Lebanese talented photographer and a friend of mine.

What inspired me to use his photos as part of the competition was one specific picture he took of a street in Zouk Mikhael on the maritime road. I pass by this street everyday and I never imagined it might actually look decent in a picture. I don’t know how he does it, but I thought it would be nice to share his photos and let people see beautiful scenes from all around Lebanon.

If you want to check out Gio’s albums, click [Here] or visit his FB page [Here].

4 thoughts on “Meet Georges Daya

  1. Scirocc0

    wonderful pictures, there is many pictures that are very hard to know were it was taken!
    i’m[kind of]glad u didn’t use them!:P

  2. Aldo

    Fun tip : did you know that you can pick and drop pictures to google image search? IT sent me to georges daya’s pics.


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