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Being a big Mehlem Barakat fan, I called yesterday to see how much one has to pay to watch him live at the Atlal Plaza. Turns out tickets are for 100$, 125$ and 150$ (Dinner & Drinks included)

Isn’t that a bit too expensive? I paid less for Tom Jones tickets!

Nevertheless, check out the train rail in the video I am showing here. Isn’t this in Jounieh and the bridge showing the Fouad Chehab bridge?

8 thoughts on “Melhem Barakat

  1. Chahe

    Dude I’ve known you for 20 years, you are not a melhem barakat fan… “Being a big Melhem Barakat fan,” what a bunch of BS 🙂 you are a big fan of mal7amet barakat, you buy your steaks from there. There’s a difference

  2. Najib

    Ya di3an el as7ab. Been listening to Melhem for 10 years. Have CDs in my car as well. How did u know there s a mal7amit baraket next to my old house?
    It’s true u know

  3. jeff

    He was amazing when he was touring with Najwa Karam…BUT he was high as a kite. For a seventy year old man he still kicks ass. Najib whether is Melhem or mal7amit you have good taste. 😀

  4. Tarik

    I am not really a fan of Melhem Baraket, but I still repsect him as a person.

    He used to sing ever since he was a kid in school parties etc.. Any person who grows up to appreciate music and decidate time for it should be respected and noticed!

  5. Mariam

    Just because Tom Jones min bara doesn’t mean his tickets have to be more expensive. Melhem Barakat is a big deal whether one likes him or not and he’s been around for a long time. its not really all that expensive. Ba3din I’m most costs come from the fact you are to watch him in Atlal Plaza. He came to Canada with Najwa- tickets started at like $65.


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