Merry Christmas!

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First, i want to wish all our readers the Love, Peace, and Happiness that the true meaning of Christmas brings and hope they enjoyed the past 12 days of crazy giveaways on our blog, which are not done yet by the way. I am a big fan of my mum’s cooking (who isn’t?), so i thought i share with you and my brother who’s abroad what we had yesterday for dinner.

Starters included an assortment of cheeses and “charcuterie”, along with Salmon rolls with small lemon slices, Avocados filled with Shrimps and cocktail sauce and a noodle-based salad.

Then came the hot dishes, starting with an asparagus quiche, meat rolls with melted cheese, and coq au vin, which is a French braise of chicken cooked with wine, lardons, mushrooms, and optionally garlic.

Last but not least, and this is the only dish my mum didn’t prepare, the famous Kitchen Market turkey i told you about a week ago.

Hope you all have a blessed Christmas day!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. KM

    omg pic 2 sounds so delicious!so many nice dishes that r chrismassy… (I wonder if there exists such word?. I hope next year ur chrismtas spirit will allow you to send us some of your mom’s yummy food 🙂

  2. Miss Farah

    I mentioned here before my comment got deleted that I wish you a Merry Christmas and looking forward to viewing your great posts in the years to come 🙂
    wanted to make sure you get it 🙂

    Miss Farah

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