Miss Lebanon 2012 is Rina Chibani

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Rina Chibani was crowned Miss Lebanon tonight and her twin sister Romy was the first runner-up. I saw parts of it and couldn’t help wondering the following:

1- I love and respect Maxime Chaaya but what did they choose him to be on a beauty pageant jury?
2- Why are LBC giving so much importance to Facebook and Twitter in the interview? What does having a Facebook or Twitter account have to do with being Miss Lebanon?
3- How fair is it to let two sisters compete? That’s just weird.
4- Why is an 8-month pregnant lady presenting the show? Why take this risk?

Also, I was reading Rina’s Q&A and I noticed this answer:

Q: What would you change about yourself and why?
A: If I could change something about myself it would be my sensibility.

How exactly do you change your sensibility?

Nevertheless, Rina seems like a good choice. Check out the other contestants [Here].

11 thoughts on “Miss Lebanon 2012 is Rina Chibani

  1. HaDy

    Had these two sisters not been twins I would’ve understood but they look exactly the same. I’m pretty sure at some point the judges were voting for one thinking it’s the other and vice versa. And if Miss Lebanon is caught in a scandal well surprise surprise, the crown is handed over to the same person.
    We can come up with dozens of jokes on this particular situation.
    In any case, welcome to Lebanon, the land of the weird and the home of the strange.

  2. Steph

    really? twins? lbc just wanted a publicity stunt.
    the 2nd runner up, krystel, was the best choice! beautiful smile, face, body, and a great charisma..

  3. Mona

    I am afraid Rina is very weak at interviews, also instead of focusing on the interviewer-, she looks right and left !!!!! – Never mind how much pretty she is, but is she up to take this burden – for a whole year, as Miss Lebanon . WAIT AND SEE……….

  4. Rami

    1- For the same reason they chose the other judges.
    2- Beyond the stupid idea of choosing a country’s representative based on looks, miss Lebanon’s duty is to change society to the better. We live in a digital age and young people (who are supposed to drive change) spend most of their time on social media. So yes, twitter and Facebook are very important for miss Lebanon to communicate with them.
    3- Why not? Why should one have an opportunity like this taken away because her sister is also participating. This is no lottery, her chances do not increase if her sister is participating. If they’re any good, they will get there.
    4- I agree, that choice was stupid.

    I think miss lebanon is pretty good this year, her answers were not that bad, maybe if she answered in a more confident way she would be more convincing. I don’t think ‘wasta’ was involved, even if so, they made the right choice. I also like the fact that she was chosen based solely on the judges’ decision and not by people’s SMSs.

  5. Lolafr

    I would like to reply to few posts here… It’s very important for the miss to be very beautiful,since it’s a beauty pageant. Christelle the second runner-up seemed much more confident and Cultured than the others, she is a good looking girl but not as beautiful as Rina. None of the contestant had the same gorgeous body as Rina, she’s tall, thin and has proportional curves, not even her sister. Also, they only had one month to prepare for the show, so Rina has a lot of potential to open-up, to be trained and learn how to behave like a queen. And she really has a big potential, it’s not like they picked a stupid beautiful girl.. She’s smart but she was a bit intimidated which also proves that there was no “WASTA”

    1. Elissa

      Seriously ??? What curves????? She looks like she is malnourished and dying. God swimsuit shots at miss universe are freaking embarrassing!! The woman looks anorexic!!! Curves, really?? Get your eyes cheeked.


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