MOC Winners… really?

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When you pass through Beirut Airport you might notice that there are some really flashy cars on display to be won. There are usually 1,500 tickets per car selling at about 120$ / ticket, unless the car is really expensive then those numbers change.

Like the Mercedes SLS AMG: 3,000 tickets at 135$ / ticket.

I bought 1 ticket with 2 of my colleagues during a recent business trip. I’ll keep you updated if we end up winning.

I was going through the website of MOCWINNERS, the company running this business, and I noticed something a bit weird: a guy called Dany Hassan Moustafa has won 3 cars already! 2 Porsches and an Audi!

I’m guessing his strategy is to buy as many tickets as possible and hope for the best. I just hope the entire thing is not rigged.

10 thoughts on “MOC Winners… really?

  1. Dany

    hi nothing is fishy guys , first time i bought 3 tickets and won and then i bought around 9 then the 3rd time i won , i know that the company hate me for that but what to do i said i will win and i won

    1. ricardo

      Hi DANNY

      I cant believe that somebody could win 3 times in such competition !!! there is a secret … may be you can advice

  2. Dany

    they hate me because i won 3 cars hehehheheeh to then they profit more if every time a new person wins , anyway i sold all my cars and invested the money :), winning is a state of mind everytime i bought a ticket i had a great feeling about it if i win or i lose anyway now i dont buy anymore .

  3. Laeticia

    Hey All and especially Mr. Dany,

    I bought many times from MOC and I know a lot of people who won! nothing is fishy about it, you can check everything on their website, it’s automatic.

    Of course I haven t won yet, but everyone has his own time, you never know when. If I was at Dany’s place I would purchase even more, knowing that I can always win. I envy you and hope that you will win even more..

    1. Dany

      buying the ticket gives me happiness if i win or i lose , we need to increase our chances in life and this is very important .


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