More internet and network problems

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Internet, 3G service, mobile network coverage, everything was down since the early morning today. The reason? Still unknonw.

Now that the connection is better, you can read the article [Here].

There is an article that tackled the problem and warned of a possible crisis in the next few months but I am unable to open it due to the slow connection.

6 thoughts on “More internet and network problems

  1. Dory

    i subscribed to 3g 4 days ago,
    i think the wap gprs was better,
    its not a fast internet … its “BATI2”
    i think in the ad they say “bati2” about thei connection not the this they are doing (although a nice ad)

  2. phil

    haha, I told everyone this wouldn’t be an easy upgrade, i thought i was proven wrong at first, but if you look at how much troubles they’ve had it’s ridiculous.

    the reason why is almost definitely incompetence. 99% of things developed in lebanon fall apart, just look at stuff like MTC’s web2sms which claims they’re under maintenance whenever it has an error, which is about 15% of the time (quite a lot for a service from a telecoms company, which usually have impeccable uptimes).

  3. Wael

    A new problem returned this week is that while you dial a number, another number opens the line and starts talking then you find out it is a wrong number while you are sure you typed it correctly. This way you would have lost a call. Also you get calls from strangers and they start talking as if they know you while their call was for some reason redirected to your phone number.

  4. dory

    Wouhooo its workin its workin :p lhamdella 😀 the first time I experience a “kind of” good connection on my mobile 😀

    P.s.: writing this from the mobile


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