More pictures of “The Bride” Storm (AKA Olga)

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More pictures from BBC

LBCI decided to name the storm “Olga” yesterday, mainly because it’s coming from Russia.

Almost a good time for an arguile – More from TheDailyStar

Baalbeck temple – More from TheDailyStar

Picture via

Facebook groups [WeAreLebanon], [LebanonWeatherForecast] and [WorthDoingLebanon] have tons of pictures.

I will be uploading some of my favorite pictures on BlogBaladi’s Facebook Page. You can like it and visit it [Here].

4 thoughts on “More pictures of “The Bride” Storm (AKA Olga)

  1. Danielle

    You shouldn’t find offense in it, really. I’d imagine the Russians self-smug to know that one of their own is a proud sponsor of Lebanon’s winter tourism season 🙂


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