12 thoughts on “MTV Lebanon: KSA timezone

  1. Eliedh

    You have “Al Loubnaniya” written under the logo so I think you are getting the MTV destined for Arab countries not the original Lebanese one.

  2. Najib Post author

    Where does it say that it is al fada2iyye? For all I know it says Loubnaniyya so I thought that’s the local one.

    Anyway, thank you Eliedh and Lead.

  3. Dory

    w eza l mtv l fada2iye … l fada2iye l sa3oudiye bet7ott tow2it beirut? 7ada be7ott tow2it beirut ??
    law shou maken lmafroud y7otto beirut time … aw yen2lo maketeboun la jeddah … shou hal wataniye hayde

  4. directorchair

    yeah it makes sense when you dont pay for cable and you have a 10$ subscription for 200 channels.

    last time I was watching comedy night and “LBC” logo was on, moved to the living room TV and it was neither on local or sat.. took me couple of minutes to realize the cable owner is re-running comedy night on his private DVD station.


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